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Energy Certificate

energy certificate?

The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) stipulates that an energy pass is required for each residential as well as non-residential building that is to be let, leased or sold. Since 2013, the showcase obligation of the energy certificate applies. Property owners (and hence the brokers) are already required to name the most important energy values of the building in the advertisement for the rental or sale of the property. After conclusion of the contract a copy of the energy certificate must be given to the buyer or tenant. One distinguishes the consumption-oriented from the demand-oriented energy certificate:

  • The consumption-based energy certificate merely reflects the weather-adjusted consumption of the building over the period of the past three years. The result is therefore strongly dependent on the user behavior (room temperature, ventilation behavior, etc.). The consumption characteristic value is calculated on the basis of the heating cost statements.
  • Much more meaningful is the demand-oriented energy certificate. The energy demand is calculated on the basis of the condition of the heated building envelope (such as roof, windows, doors, walls, ceiling, basement) and the building services (heating system) with an average user behavior.

When preparing for the renting or buying process, I advise you on which energy certificate is the right one for your property.

And of course I will take care of that. It's part of the service!

Energieausweis für Verbrauchswerte

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