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Home Staging

Create sales-critical moods through home staging

The first impression counts! This applies in many situations, whether we imagine a new job, have a date, are presented to in-laws and so on. For those situations we often invest a lot of time and care and sometimes money. And it's worth it!

You want to sell your property. You spent part of your life there, loved, laughed, argued, partied, raised your children, perhaps proved your craftmanship in the reconstruction. In short, there are loads of emotions in your home and that's a good thing. BUT ... those should not be shown when selling. Your home should be well prepared!

I will help you with this!

We place your property into the right light, we “dress it up” and make it ready to be presented. The interested parties will be excited. Sometimes it is enough to move a few things out, change some flowers, undertake minimal changes. This is naturally an included service and part of the sale procedure.

Due to the home staging, regardless of whether it's a small (and of course free) or large home staging, you will ALWAYS get a better price. Benefits of each room are highlighted, colors are harmoniously matched, and the furniture is placed proportionally to the space. The rooms are depersonalized, which might sound terrible to you at first, in order for the viewer to be able to imagine his future there and won´t be distracted.

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