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Property in Retirement

The children are out of the house and you want to downsize?

There are many reasons to sell a house, two of which are certainly that the children will leave the house one day and that you will get older. Too many rooms on different floors, steep stairs, a large garden, which is lovely, but difficult to maintain.

Perhaps you do not want all of that anymore and think about selling the house and moving into a smaller, age-appropriate apartment, maybe for rent, maybe for sale.

I advise you and stand by your side during this process. I take care of everything that selling your home brings along.

  • Does the cellar have to be cleared out?
  • Should furniture be sold or given away?
  • Do repairs still have to be carried out?
  • Should the house be painted?
  • Does the move have to be organized?
  • Procurement of important documents.
    What is important, what is unimportant?
  • What is my house worth?
  • Finding the right buyer

I take care of everything that comes along with the sale of your house and accompany you in search of a suitable apartment.

To make you feel good!

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